Here is a short list of Accomplishments of the United Front. We formed this organization about a year and a half ago right after the murder of Eric Garner. Since then here are the things that we have accomplished.

A school in Utah was planning on putting on a  play with black face. I simply called them and warned of a protest. The principal went around the school found black children to put in the play, banned black face, and had a man who walked with MLK speak at rally. They also had racial sensitivity training.


A child was being bullied at school by a school police officer. The child was afraid and was also experiencing racism from some teachers and students. We launched one calling campaign and the bullying completed stopped. The last I heard the child is happy now.


We were alerted that a black man was taken by the police from his bar he owned and was never seen again. His family was trying to find him. So we called all of the jails, and the hospitals. We launched a full frontal calling campaign and since the police and the media would not cooperate we alerted CNN who picked up the story, the man was found beaten into a coma in a local hospital.


We were asked to help a black child in a juvenile detention center who was beaten, not given medical attention, and not allowed to contact his mother. I made one phone call and within the hour they agreed to transfer him, he was given medical attention and he contacted his mother. One hour.


We launched a full frontal calling campaign to the Department of Justice to investigate the Ferguson Police department. We had thousands upon thousands call them for several days. I am not taking full credit for the DOJ investigating and disbanding Ferguson PD, but I am saying that what we did may have helped to nudge them.


We were alerted that a Polynesian man was badly beaten by police and the police were not allowing the family into the hospital. Within one hour of our calling campaign his family was allowed to see him.


We found a home for a black homeless family of ten. The video of them moving in is attached to this page under videos.


We were alerted that a school decided to make the yearly black history assembly optional for students. We launched a full frontal calling campaign, got those kids on the news and now the assembly is mandatory.


We have registered thousands of people to vote.


We have organized several cop watches across this nation


We have protested all over this nation.


We have formed alliances with some of the most power black groups on this earth.


We teach real black history in the schools.


Our greatest achievement however is the black unity which we are spreading and spreading and spreading.


I love this group more than you will ever know, let’s keep changing lives.

-Lex Scott