Vision and Mission Statements


Our Vision
Our vision is to be an organization which will help to unite the black race in the United States. To be a voice for those who cannot speak, to represent the underrepresented, to educate those who were denied a full and truthful education, and to help those who have been and continue to be oppressed.

Our Mission
To stop the oppression of black people in the United States of America. To unite black people in the United States of America.

Our philosophy

We will use our intelligence, resources, and strength to overcome those who would seek to oppress us, and will educate and help those who are oppressed. We will join forces with other black groups who share our vision, motivations, and ethical standpoints. We will provide aid to those who are less fortunate, downtrodden, or who have experienced a disaster.


Immediate Goals
1. Stop police brutality and hold officers accountable for their actions. Police agencies should not be judge, jury, and executioner.


2. Implement black history education into the public school system, and create alternative educational resources for black history education which will be made available to the masses


3. Hold the media accountable for their reporting and how they portray black people in their news stories. The media should be held accountable for how they report, what they report, and why they report certain stories. All sides of every story should be given and every story should be researched before release. Black successes should be acknowledged and not hidden from the general public.


4. Judicial, prison, and legal reform. We would like to see several reforms in these areas to ensure that proper legal representation is given to members of the black race. We want fair and impartial juries, sentencing should fit the crime, and we want every member of the black race to receive a fair trial.


5. We want equal pay for equal work


6. We want to unify with similar groups, and to work together towards common goals.


7. We want to be able to financially help the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, and those who have suffered a disaster. We want to be able to send aid where aid is needed.


Members Rights & Responsibilities. Each member of the United Front Party is responsible for understanding and following these guidelines.

1. No party member can have narcotics or marijuana in his possession while doing party work.
2. Any part member found shooting narcotics, or taking illegal drugs while conducting party work will be expelled from this party.
3. No party member can be intoxicated while doing daily party work.
4. No party member will violate rules relating to office work, general meetings of the United Front Party, and meetings of the United Front Party anywhere.
5. No party member will use, point, or fire a weapon of any kind unnecessarily or accidentally at anyone.
6. No party member can have a weapon in his possession while intoxicated.
7. No party member will commit any crimes against anyone of any race. Party members will not steal or take from the people, not even a needle or a piece of thread.
8. When arrested United Front members will not resist arrest and will ask to speak to an attorney, attorneys will not be provided by the UF.
9. Legal first aid must be understood by all Party members.
10. The platform of the United Front Party must be known and understood by each Party member.
11. Party Communications must be National and Local.
12. All Finance officers will operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, state and federal laws and will document every penny spent by your chapter.
13. Each leader at local levels will submit monthly reports.
14. All statements released to the press must be approved by headquarters.
15. All leaders who expel a member must submit this information to headquarters.
16. Communications--all chapters must submit monthly reports in writing to the National Headquarters.
17. All Branches must be trained to administer First Aid and/or Medical Cadres.
18. All Chapters, Branches, and components of the United Front Party must submit a monthly Financial Report to headquarters.
19. Everyone in a leadership position must sign paperwork stating that they vow to uphold state and federal laws, and that they will dismiss members who attempt to break or have broken state and federal laws.
20. No chapter or branch shall accept grants, poverty funds, money or any other aid from any government agency without contacting the National Headquarters.
21. No chapter will conduct any business dealings or exchange any money without filing the correct paperwork within their states and holding proper licenses to do so.
22. All chapters must adhere to the policy and the ideology laid down by the Central Committee of the United Front Party.
23. All members must know their rights when dealing with police.
24. All members must know and adhere to local and national laws while representing the United Front Party.
25. All interactions with police officers will be filmed at a safe distance and in accordance with state and federal laws.
26. Party members who violate any of these rules will be dismissed from the Party
27. Party members who cause dissension within the group will be dismissed from the party.
28. Party members who attempt to profit off of the UF party will be dismissed from the party.
29. The United Front Party neither encourages, nor discourages the carrying of weapons. If a party member chooses to carry a weapon they must have a concealed carry permit and follow all the rules state and federal laws which are in accordance with concealed carry for their state. If a person lives in an open carry state, that party member must abide by all open carry laws and will not own or use a stolen weapon.
30. No United Front member will physically attack any person. If a United Party member is attacked that member will defend their selves, lives and property in accordance with state and federal laws. We believe that if a person is attacked without provocation and that person believes that their life is in danger that person has the legal right to defend themselves.

11 Points of Attention
1. Speak politely.
2. Pay fairly for what you buy.
3. Return everything you borrow.
4. Pay for anything you damage.
5. Do not attack people or swear at people.
6. Do not damage property or crops of the poor, oppressed masses.
7. Do not take liberties with women. Treat all women and men with respect
8. Do not degrade others
9. Do not use racial slurs
10. Do not recruit known trouble makers

2 Main Rules of Discipline
1. Follow the member’s rights and responsibilities at all times.
2. Do not take a single needle or piece of thread from the poor and oppressed masses.


We are not a violent group. We do not commit crimes, we do not hurt or degrade people. We will work strategically solve problems by using our intelligence. We will boycott, picket, march, and petition. We will not hurt people. We will not kill people. This must be understood and must be clear